Mayor Kasim Reed’s anti-Bernie Op-Ed written by Hillary lobbyist

A few days before Georgia held its Democratic primary, CNN published an opinion piece written by Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

“Sanders assumes his single-issue platform will help everyone, but only Clinton’s plans work from the ground up to identify and break down barriers unique to African-American families,” said in the article “For the single mother riding two buses to her second job, Sanders’ one-issue platform just doesn’t cut it.”

However, emails from his office reveal that the op-ed piece was primarily written by lobbyist Tharon Johnson and edited by Correct the Record, a pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC.

Johnson, a former adviser to Reed is currently a lobbyist with UnitedHealth, Honda, and MGM Resorts and other clients.

According to The Intercept Kasim Reed’s Director of Communications, Anne Torres openly stated that Reed and the mayor’s office had little involvement in the writing of the piece for CNN other than a few verbal edits from the Mayor himself.

“Other than that, no one from my office or the mayor’s office wrote this op-ed,” she said.

Correct the Record has come under fire before for cracking the barrier that’s supposed to exist between Super PACs and political campaigns, openly admitting that they co-ordinate their efforts with Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy.

“The FEC rules specifically permit some activity – in particular, activity on an organization’s website, in email, and on social media – to be legally coordinated with candidates and political parties,” Adrienne Watson, a spokeswoman for Correct The Record, said in a statement. “This exception has been relied upon countless times by organizations raising non-federal money. The only thing unique about Correct the Record is that it is making its contributors and expenditures public.”

What is perhaps even more disturbing is CNN‘s involvement. As a journalism outlet, CNN has a responsibility to investigate and disclose any conflicts of interest, something they clearly failed to do in this case when you read this hit-piece on their website.


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