Neither of the Bush presidents will endorse Donald Trump

In separate statements released by their spokespersons on Wednesday, both of the former Bush presidents announced that they would not be endorsing their party’s nominee for president.

“President Bush does not plan to participate in or comment on the presidential campaign,” the younger Bush’s spokesman Freddy Ford said in a statement.

This hands off approach to the campaign was reiterated by George W.’s father.

“At age 91, President Bush is retired from politics. He naturally did a few things to help Jeb, but those were the ‘exceptions that proved the rule,” his spokesman Jim McGrath said in a separate statement.

Both Bush presidents helped campaign for their brother and son Jeb during his ill-fated run for the Republican nomination, but have been laying low since that run ended.

Despite being Republicans the Bush dynasty does have close ties with the Clinton family. The image at the headline of this article shows Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush embracing at Nancy Reagan’s funeral.

In early April, George W. Bush’s wife, former first lady Laura Bush, outlined what she would look for in a future president.

“I want our next president – whoever he or she might be – to be somebody who is interested in women in Afghanistan and who will continue U.S. policies,” Laura Bush said at New York’s seventh annual Women in the World Summit.

As for Jeb, after he dropped out of the race in February, he eventually endorsed Ted Cruz for the Republican nomination a month later in March, but this was seen largely as an attempt to stop Trump.

It is unclear if any Bush will endorse Donald Trump as the Republican nominee for president or if they will even vote in the coming election.


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