Trump campaign events burden cities’ resources

The Wall Street Journal is reporting research in Illinois, Maine, Ohio and Florida has uncovered now presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s rallies to be a drain on municipal resources.

Generally assumed to draw large crowds, Mr. Trump’s political events nationwide have tended to attract a considerable number of protesters, many of who become rambunctious, most notably by members of activist group Black Lives Matter.

A March rally on the campus of the University of Illinois at Chicago was cancelled for security reasons due to the maelstrom created by Black Lives Matter protesters and UIC students.  Several Chicago police officers were injured in the melee.

According to the Journal‘s analysis, Trump’s rallies in March alone cost in excess of $300,000, approximately $20,000 per event.

Separate rallies in Tuscon, Arizona, and in Appleton, Wisconsin, left communities with $81,838 and $11,830 in extra security bills.

“We had more officers assigned because we knew we were going to have a protest group,” said Appleton Police Chief Todd Thomas.

Dissimilarly, campaign events held by rivals Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Bernie Sanders cost considerably less.  Rallies held by Sanders, Kasich and Cruz in Janesville, Wisconsin, cost authorities $5,000; in contrast, Trump’s Janesville event cost the city $50,000.

Unfamiliar with the financial toll, many cities and smaller communities hosting Trump events are resorting to invoicing Trump’s campaign.


[] [The Hill] [Photo courtesy The Independent]