Sanders campaign cuts staff, budget ahead of Indiana primary

Although some polls reflect he is narrowing Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s lead in Indiana, Bernie Sanders’ campaign has announced a round of staff layoffs and a reduction of advertising spending ahead of the May 3 primary.

Once a employing a campaign exceeding 1,000 workers, Sanders is expected to reduce nationwide staff to approximately 350.

“We no longer require many of the loyal and dedicated state and national support staffers.  We will continue to have a strong and dedicated staff of more than 300 workers who are going to help us win in California and other contests still to come,” wrote Sanders’ communications coordinator, Michael Briggs, in a statement.

Shortly after publicizing the dramatic layoffs, the Sanders’ campaign revealed it would decrease its television advertisement in the Hoosier state by $200,000 from a budget originally expected to top over $1.2 million.

Defeated in New York and losing four of the last five Democratic primaries to rival Hillary Clinton, the Vermont senator indicated Tuesday he would be pressuring the Democratic National Committee for an expanded position in shaping Party policy at the Philadelphia convention in July.

Although Sanders’ request for a broad role inserting his central issues of income inequality, Wall Street reform and student debt into the Democratic platform is perceived as an admission of his impending defeat, Vermont’s democratic socialist has pledged to remain in the nomination race until California’s June 7 primary.


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