Trump and Clinton close in on nomination after Super Tuesday IV

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump dominated the vote tally on the fourth Super Tuesday of 2016 in five states that held presidential primaries across the northeast.

Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware and Rhode Island all voted overwhelming for Trump in the Republican primaries, with the New York businessman receiving no less than 54 percent of the vote in any one state.

In the Democratic primaries, frontrunner Hillary Clinton won four states, while Vermont senator Bernie Sanders beat the former Secretary of State in Rhode Island by 11 points.

Perhaps the most notable development of the evening was Ted Cruz’s poor performance at the ballot box. The Texas senator finished behind both Trump and Kasich in four states, eking out a second place finish by two points over Kasich in Pennsylvania.

On the night, Cruz finished with only three pledged delegates, while Trump pocketed 109.

With only a handful of states left to vote, the current delegate count stands at Trump with 954 to Cruz’s 562, with 1,237 need to win the nomination outright.

At a press conference and rally in New York City on Tuesday night, Trump announced that he is now the “presumptive nominee”.

Four of the five Democratic contests were won by double-digits, with Connecticut’s primary being the only close vote, which Clinton won by five points.

On the night Clinton secured 272 delegates to Sanders’ 146, widening the former First Lady’s lead to 333 pledged and 813 total delegates.

Mrs. Clinton is now only 232 delegates shy of clinching the Democratic nomination, according to AP.


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