Hillary Clinton vows to appoint half-female cabinet

Following last week’s promise to consider¬†women as running mates for the Democratic ticket, presidential¬†frontrunner Hillary Clinton has committed to appointing a half-female cabinet.

Clinton offered the guarantee when she appeared on a MSNBC town hall hosted by Rachel Maddow.

After addressing a myriad of campaign issues, notably gender-centric topics, host Maddow reminded Clinton of the promise newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fulfilled with the appointment of 15 women to cabinet-level positions in Ottawa.

Clinton responded:

“Well, I am going to have a Cabinet that looks like America, and 50 percent of America is women.”

Doing her level best to promote Clinton’s candidacy, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow hurled a series of soft-ball questions, but demanded few details.

Maddow did not press Clinton to name any potential nominee and Clinton did not bother to offer one, preferring to leave her answer as vague as possible.


While conservatives are often assailed for an alleged lack of “diversity” in key government positions, it must be noted former President Bush nominated and oversaw the confirmation of General Colin Powell as the first black Secretary of State, Condi Rice as first black female to hold the position of National Security Advisor and Secretary of State and Alberto Gonzales as the first Hispanic Attorney General.

This, however, did not satisfy liberal piety and a Democratic Congress drove Mr. Gonzales from office over the dismissal of U.S. attorneys.

Moreover, Hillary has apparently forgotten the U.S. Senate must confirm cabinet nominations, but when you are preaching to a low-information audience, Rachel Maddow is inquiring and you are Hillary Clinton offering an answer, you can escape scrutiny and accountability.

For Clinton, one who is on the cusp of the Democratic nomination and likely our next president, it is ill-advised to select gender over competence.

Clinton may want to re-think this answer.


[The Independent] [Photo courtesy thecablegame.wordpress.com]