Federal judge upholds North Carolina voter ID law

Affirming a lower-court ruling, U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder ruled Monday a North Carolina law requiring forms of identification were necessary to thwart voter fraud.

Current North Carolina law requires voters to provide proof of identity, typically in the form a valid drivers license or passport to cast a ballot in elections.

In dismissing claims North Carolina deliberately and unfairly targets minority groups, Judge Schroeder wrote:

“(North Carolina) has provided legitimate state interests for its voter-ID requirement and electoral system.  In sum, plaintiffs have failed to show that any North Carolinian who wishes to vote faces anything other than the usual burdens of voting.”

In concert with his ruling upholding the demand voters furnish proper identification, Schroeder’s decision included doing away with a week of early voting, same-day registration and calculating out-of-precinct votes.

Referring to Schroeder’s ruling as “an affront to democracy,” the head of  North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP, William Barber, pledged further legal challenges.


[Reuters] [Photo courtesy blackalumniofdartmouthassociation]