Ted Cruz and John Kasich form alliance to stop Trump

Two of the three remaining Republican presidential candidates, Ted Cruz and John Kasich, have agreed to set aside their difference and team up to prevent Donald Trump from getting enough delegates with win the nomination.

Neither Cruz or Kasich will have enough votes by the convention to win themselves, but they hope that if they team up they can prevent Trump from winning as well.

This would mean that the Republican presidential convention in Cleveland would certainly be contested and would leave the possibility open for an eleventh hour nomination of someone outside the race.

In near simultaneous statements from both the Ted Cruz and John Kasich campaigns on Sunday, Cruz and Kasich agreed that they would divide up the states with Cruz focusing on winning in Indiana and Kasich focusing on Oregon and New Mexico.

“Having Donald Trump at the top of the ticket in November would be a sure disaster for Republicans. Not only would Trump get blown out by Clinton or Sanders, but having him as our nominee would set the party back a generation” said a statement from Cruz’s campaign manager Jeff Roe on the campaign website.

In Kasich’s statement, his campaign manager John Weaver was more explicit, claiming that this alliance was necessary because Trump lacked support of the majority of Republicans and that an open convention was now most desirable.

“Donald Trump doesn’t have the support of a majority of Republicans – not even close, but he currently does have almost half the delegates because he’s benefited from the existing primary system,” The statement reads. “Our goal is to have an open convention in Cleveland, where we are confident a candidate capable of uniting the Party and winning in November will emerge as the nominee.”

For his part Donald Trump was less than welcoming of this alliance and railed against it in a series of tweets Monday morning including the following.