Hillary Clinton considering all-female presidential ticket

Less than one week after handing rival Bernie Sanders a loss in the New York primary and poised to score victories in Tuesday’s primaries in five states, it has been learned Hillary Clinton is assembling a list of potential vice-presidential candidates.

“We’ll start with a broad list and then begin to narrow it. But there is no question that there will be women on that list,” said Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta.

Rumored to be on the list are Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN).


One may detect a note of disbelief with this revelation.

Perfectly timed in the wake of a comfortable but unconvincing win in her home state, this is Hillary pandering to the intellectual and emotional soft spots among women voters.

While it makes good political sense for Clinton to publicly acknowledge she is considering a woman for the vice-presidential slot, perfunctory consideration is all a female politician will get from the Democratic front-runner.

Elizabeth Warren is outside Clinton’s political orbit and the left-wing Massachusetts senator detests Clinton’s crony capitalism; similarly, Warren has cleverly withheld an endorsement from Clinton in order to coerce the former Secretary to fully devote to progressivism’s guiding principles.

Considered a pinprick from a rival, Clinton is vengeful woman who keeps a scorecard, so the choice of Warren to accompany Hillary in November is doubtful.

While Warren would certainly help draw some supporters of Bernie Sanders, Sanders has been very successful in bludgeoning Clinton over her progressive bona-fides, and many supporters of the Vermont democratic socialist remain deeply skeptical of Clinton’s commitment to progressive ideals.

Claire McCaskill is another name being tossed around; however, she is an unlikely choice: The Missouri senator committed an unforgivable act when she criticized Bill for his philandering and tacitly declared he was bereft of the kind of personal discipline to which McCaskill announced her objection to Bill Clinton and her own daughter alone in the same room on national television.

Despite McCaskill’s untiring support for Hillary, in ClintonWorld, loyalty runs one way and is never rewarded.

Minnesota’s Amy Klobuchar has backed Hillary and is considered a legitimate vice-presidential prospect. Klobuchar’s greatest asset could be in removing barriers among skeptical progressives who delivered Bernie Sanders a decisive win over Clinton in The North Star State caucus.

However flimsy and far-fetched this disclosure may be, and it is, Hillary will never pick a female for the vice-presidential spot.

Knowing Clinton, she will stretch this story out, pinning hopes it will arouse women and attract former Sanders supporters to her gender-centric bid for the White House. Hillary’s expectation is this rumor will lengthen and deepen conversation, editorials and news stories until the Philadelphia convention.

Look for Hillary to decide on New Jersey Senator Corey Booker, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro or Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe.

Of the three, McAuliffe is the strongest contender, largely because the Clintons owe him.


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