Appeals court dismisses debt ceiling lawsuit

The District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals rejected a claim the debt ceiling is unconstitutional on Friday, ruling the litigant had no legal standing vis-á-vis the statutory limit.

The plaintiff, Victor Williams, filed suit against Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, claiming the debt ceiling violates the Fourteenth Amendment.

In his suit, Williams asserted he was injured by congressional wrangling that revolved around debt-ceiling talks between Congress and the White House which impacted short-term borrowing.

Similarly, Williams stated he suffered from “increasing worry and concern” about the security of his investments in government-issued bonds.

A skeptical Appeals Court refuted Williams’ claim, countering there was no evidence Williams could prove damage in the future over the debt limit.

In the court’s final ruling, Williams was declared to lack the standing in court to argue he is victimized by the debt limit.

Williams, a professor of law and politics and former GOP candidate for president, is the founder of


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