America’s longest running black newspaper endorses Bernie Sanders

America’s longest running black newspaper, The Philadelphia Tribune, endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders and Gov. John Kasich in the Democratic and Republican primaries on Saturday, ahead of Tuesday’s election in Pennsylvania.

While Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton leads Sanders among African-Americans in the Keystone State — 69 to 22 percent, according to a recent Fox News poll — the Tribune primarily focused on Clinton’s questionable policy decisions over the past two decades.

“Clinton has on many occasions exercised bad judgement on critical issues including her avid support for her husband’s draconian 1994 crime bill which led to a major increase in mass incarceration of African-Americans,” the editorial read.

“She has also exercised bad judgement in giving highly paid speeches to Wall Street, whose reckless speculation help lead the country to the worst recession since the Great Depression.”

“In foreign affairs, she supported the invasion of Iraq and has publicly advocated a far more aggressive approach toward Syria than . . . Obama.”

As for Sanders himself, the paper praised him for taking “a strong stance against police abuse and misconduct without demonizing good police officers.”

“His critics say Sanders’ proposals are too ambitious, costly and would never get through Congress . . . His proposals will not happen overnight. But Social Security was also seen as impossible.”

Endorsing Kasich in the Republican primary, the editorial simply said that he is “a conservative who has worked with African-American state legislators on police reform”.

On the GOP frontrunners, The Tribune didn’t have anything positive to say.

“Trump has been reckless in his rhetoric on immigration, temporarily banning Muslims from entering the country and on a woman’s right to choose an abortion. Cruz is so far right he is more conservative than Ronald Reagan in his tea party zeal to slash government.”

According to RealClear Politics average of the polls, Clinton and Trump lead comfortably in Pennsylvania by 16 and 19 points, respectively.


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