Coy about White House run, Paul Ryan faces uneasy House

One week after ruling out the possibility of being considered an alternative for the GOP nomination in 2016, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) hinted his future will likely include seeking the White House.

Emphasizing the GOP nomination will be solved by “following the rules,” When Ryan was asked by CNN’s Manu Raju if he was “foreclosing a run for ever running for president” the Speaker responded:

“Well, no, but I don’t think that far down the road.  I made a decision in this cycle for 2016 not to run for president.”

While it is widely-thought Ryan assumed the role of House Speaker under an agreement filled with personal caveats, Ryan did offer Raju the professional account he is too preoccupied with his current role to enlist a run for the Oval Office.

What distracts Ryan may have been uncovered by columnist Juan Williams:  Williams posits the turmoil which consumed Ryan’s predecessor, Ohio’s John Boehner, has persisted to torment Ryan.

Paramount in Williams’ hunch describing the boyish-looking Wisconsin Republican’s trials is Ryan has pursued a tiring fundraising effort to maintain a GOP majority in the House, presiding over a deeply fractured party which has yet to heal under his leadership, and finding an adequate defense of GOP rules to fend off Trump’s perpetual attacks on what the GOP frontrunner describes as a “rigged game” targeting the New York businessman’s effort to win the nomination.

Outside the realm of divided House politics and the forthcoming election, Ryan confronts tumult from policy issues:  The GOP has not offered an alternative to President Obama’s sputtering health-care law; Ryan has not been able to muster a budget proposal; he has struggled to advance 12 appropriations bills prior to the August break; welfare reform and revisions to the tax code remain stalled; and House Democrats are seeking to blunt the GOP high and low with the hopes of re-taking the lower chamber in November.

While Ryan’s headaches are not entirely of his own making, he has discovered he accepted a job under which no caveat he demanded could entirely inhibit his anxiety.


[The Hill] [Photo courtesy Politico]