Bill Clinton claims wife is not an “establishment” candidate

Days after an angry confrontation with Black Lives Matter activists, a spectacle where the former President was forced to apologize for his support for anti-crime measures in the 90s, Bill Clinton returned to campaign for his wife and defend her against repeated charges she is not a member of the Democratic establishment.

Defending Hillary’s deep ties to Wall Street, lucrative speaking engagements to Wall Street executives, service in the Senate, and eight years as First Lady, Clinton averred:

“The only thing I really dislike about this campaign is wDemhenever somebody endorses Hillary, they get blasted on the email, on the internet, for being part of the establishment.  It’s a pretty big establishment now.”


Hillary Clinton is the darling of the Democratic establishment.

An amorphous expression, “establishment” now tends to include any individual, group, media outlet or cultural institution which sides with one of the two political monoliths.  If media institutions are included in definitions of the “establishment,” then Hillary Clinton certainly belongs in the Democratic establishment category.

In an election cycle where the engine driving populist sentiment is fueled by anti-establishment anger, it is entirely appropriate to perceive Hillary Clinton, with her years in and around both Wall Street and Washington, D.C., as a quintessential establishment insider who is assuredly an out-of-touch establishment candidate and who is being protected by establishment politicians.

Bill may not care for the manner in which Hillary is branded an “establishment” candidate, but she in no way resembles a breath of fresh air needed in Washington.


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