Clinton Foundation pays women 38 percent less

Despite Hillary Clinton tirelessly laboring to earn a stature as a champion for equality and fairness in the workplace, smelting gender pay to the centerpiece of her campaign and warning of the malevolent specter of inequality for women in corporate America, the Clinton Foundation has been revealed to pay women executives far less than their male counterparts.

A Daily Caller analysis of the Clinton Foundation ’s 2013 990 tax form has uncovered three times as many men fill top-tier management positions at the charity and they are earning a whopping 38% more in salary per annum than their female equivalents.

This stunning revelation comes in concert with remarks delivered by Clinton in New York City on Tuesday where she insisted equal pay for women was “long overdue”. April 12, a day christened “Equal Pay Day,” Clinton spoke at a Glassdoor-sponsored event.

“I feel like (equal pay) is something that’s long overdue,” she said. “It is way past time to end the outrage of so many women still earning less than men on the job.”

Just last August, the Clinton campaign was exposed as having paid female campaign staffers less, 88 cents on the dollar, than males and, as her campaign staff swelled in size, the rate for female staff dropped to 87 cents earned for every dollar a male staffer earned.

Pay equity has been a historic problem for Mrs. Clinton:  As Senator from New York, Clinton paid female staffers less than men by an average of 28 percent.


Hillary’s view of the doings inside the family’s charitable foundation is obscured from atop her moral Mount Olympus.

A charlatan by nature, Hillary is no pioneer on this fraudulent issue.  Although she lags far behind on a meme she constantly waves like a bloody shirt in the faces of her gullible audiences and corporate America, addressing the issue altogether amounts to self-incrimination.

A self-appointed arbiter of feminist justice who has endlessly and artlessly demagogued the fiction of a prodigious, gender-pay gap, Clinton has several options to manage this issue:  She can ignore it, tip-toe around it or plainly lie about it.

A reflexive gesture on the Clinton’s part, both she and Bill are likely cooking up some outrageous conceit to re-route criticism away from the charity, state they were unaware of the pay circumstances and will publicly retch up hollow vows to take steps to rectify inconsistencies in pay.  This is the Clinton way.

It is a virtual certainty Hillary is capable of reversing this insult to economic justice without delay through a phone call to the foundation’s offices, but do not expect Hillary to exert the effort:  The reason women are paid less at the Clinton Foundation is because Bill and Hillary know they can get away with it.

If Clinton is concerned with pay inequality, her witch hunt targeting the perpetrators in this moral outrage should begin in Little Rock.


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  1. John Perrin

    If that is accurate, she speaks with a forked, twisted tongue.  

  2. Mary Ward

    This is the biggest load of garbage. All lies. You should be ashamed of your lies. So you don’t like her, say that, but stop lying these bald faced lies.

    1. Rhonda Walker

      This information is found in her published in her foundations tax returns. These are the refund Hillary sent to the IRS. 
      Enough already! Open your eyes and look!

    2. Maria

      It would be best if you state some facts and figures to support your claim of “lies.”

  3. R. E. Butler

    Absent any information regarding the relative skill sets & levels of experience of the men vs. the women, this article is meaningless. Oh, for the days before “clickbait journalism”.

  4. Marcia

    Actually, the men earning more, according to the article, have higher level positions. Equal pay means in equal positions, not just random.

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