Hillary Clinton’s attempt at humor backfires

Following a string of primary losses and an embarrassing incident on the New York subway where the Democratic hopeful clumsily failed to navigate a turnstyle with a subway pass, Hillary Clinton’s attempt to inject levity into the transit flub has only caused the matter to explode ahead of the New York primary.

While attempting to remedy the humiliating mass-transit gaffe during an appearance at New York’s Inner Circle, an annual black-tie function for New York politicians and journalists, Clinton floundered again.

As the skit unfolded, Clinton shared the stage with Leslie Odom Jr., a cast member of the Broadway show “Hamilton,” and New York mayor Bill de Blasio.

With distinct satire, Clinton thanked de Blasio for his endorsement and added it was late coming.  The mayor responded he had been on “CP time.”  Odom interjected, and stated he found the “CP” reference a crude relation to negative stereotypes of blacks.

Hillary responded: “Cautious politician time,” to cover against a slur and insist she is not a racist.

The erupting controversy inspired a lengthy explanation from de Blasio, who described the skit as pre-arranged and admitted all three on stage were involved.

In contrast, Clinton blamed de Blasio:

“Well, look, it was Mayor de Blasio’s skit. He has addressed it, and I will really defer to him because it is something that he’s already talked about,” Hillary told Cosmopolitan on Tuesday.

On Monday, the Clinton campaign referred to Mr. de Blasio’s statement on the matter in response to press inquiries.


Watching Hillary Clinton over the past month has been similar to watching an endless blooper reel.

In some political circles, Hillary is recognized as a sort-of savior for the black community, and now she is justifiably criticized for racial insensitivity.

Had a GOP candidate been as much as in the audience during this skit, they would have been branded a vicious racist and hounded from office.

Aside from the racial undertones of this tasteless joke, Clinton will survive this tactless attempt at humor, as she is often given a free pass for her behavior.

This incident should also signal she treats close political allies with a cold indifference:  Hillary’s willingness to assign blame on de Blasio reveals herself as enjoying neither a well-meaning nor truthful relationship with members of her own party.

If nothing else, this event should begin the dismantlement of Hillary’s indomitable reputation as a great racial healer; neither her nor de Blasio’s explanations are a legitimate defense of what occurred at Inner Circle.


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