Obama admits he had no plan for post-Gaddafi Libya

In a Fox News interview aired Sunday, President Obama acknowledged refusing to devise a post-Gaddafi strategy in Libya was his worst error as president.

As the president and Fox News’ Chris Wallace strolled through the library at the University of Chicago, Mr. Obama submitted to a series of blitz questions, one of which was a delicate inquiry as to which error was considered his worst.

“Probably failing to plan for the day after what I think was the right thing to do in intervening in Libya,” the president responded.


Mr. Obama’s answer more closely resembled a punch line than an admission of regret or error.

One month ago, with thoughtless language which may have estranged a close ally, Mr. Obama publicly blamed British Prime Minister David Cameron for the utterly chaotic conditions in Libya.

In September 2011, while preening in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations, Obama declared Libya to be “free.”

Since the president’s address in front of the UN, the United States has closed our diplomatic offices in Libya; ISIS has been growing in strength in Libya, controls Sirte and acquired substantial oilfields to sustain its bloody war machine; and what remains of a once-potential, Western-friendly Libyan government backed by Washington barely clings to the reins of power struggling to remain a political and military player amid the pandemonium which has become Libya because of Mr. Obama’s fatuousness.

While it remains unknown what precisely would have occurred had the president authorized further military action and had formulated a contingency plan to stabilize the country, nation building if deemed necessary or a long-term contingent of peacekeepers, Mr. Obama’s inertia should serve as a reminder of the requirement for leadership in the Oval Office.

Explaining the Obama foreign policy’s manifold failures was originally complex; however, it can be quite capably encapsulated in year seven of his term as Obama the theologian witnessing the devastating consequences of his full-fledged retreat from the Middle East.

Mr. Obama’s habitual equivocation in foreign policy has reduced a once robust American presence in the region to a mere shell of its former self: Dictators in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Yemen have been removed by popular uprisings; and in our absence, unfortunately, the red carpet has been rolled out for ISIS to expand, mayhem in Libya, Russia to execute an anti-ISIS strategy in Syria, Iran to extend hegemony in Iraq and break a disreputable nuclear accord, and civil war to rage in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Libya.

Consistently overmatched by events since his ascension to the White House in 2008, Mr. Obama’s admission is startling from a man who has consistently postured himself as the globe’s moral and intellectual superior and who famously described his foreign policy as one in which “we don’t do stupid s*it.”

Emblematic of his presidency, Mr. Obama does indeed do stupid “s*it,” quite often and in abundance.


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