Sec. John Kerry sets US travel record

John Kerry set a new record on Wednesday by becoming the most traveled Secretary of State in American history with 1.06 million miles in trips around the world.

Sec. Kerry is currently in the Middle East, meeting with Sunni Arab leaders to discuss the region’s strategy of defeating ISIS.

With approximately nine months remaining in President Obama’s second term, Kerry is on a blistering travel pace which should continue until January 2017.

The previous record for a U.S. Secretary was held by Condoleezza Rice, who served as George W. Bush’s top diplomat from 2005 to 2009.

Despite spending at least part of 467 total days in an airplane, totaling 2,300 hours since assuming the position in February 2013, Sec. Kerry has only visited 81 foreign countries — well short of his predecessor’s 112, one Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Kerry’s most frequent destinations have been London, Paris, Rome and Jerusalem.


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