7-11 doubling as a tax payment center

Due to an unusual alliance with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), American taxpayers are now able to pay federal income tax at 7-11 convenience stores.

7,000 7-11 stores in 34 states are participating in the partnership with the IRS.

The new policy was conceived to help ease the difficulty taxpayers who are without checking accounts or credit cards encounter when paying tax.  Similarly, the move was made to help taxpayers avoid unnecessary travel to IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers since 7-11 convenient stores are in greater abundance.

To pay taxes at participating 7-11s, the IRS has directed taxpayers to go to the IRS website and search for instructions on which 7-11 is offering the tax service.  The IRS is offering this option to cash-paying customers only.

The partnership with 7-11 is not free:  Taxpayers making payments at 7-11 are subject to a $3.99 fee to remit payment, there is a $1,000 ceiling on tax payments per day and no refunds are granted through the convenience store chain.


[The Independent] [Photo courtesy en.academic.ru]