NC could lose Federal funding over anti-LGBT law

Federal agencies are reviewing the money they send to the state of North Carolina after the state passed what is being termed as an anti-LGBT law.

Specifically, the law removes protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens and prevents them from using the bathroom with which they identify.

Critics of the law, such as transgender man James P. Sheffield, say that the claw does not make any sense.

The Obama Administration has termed the fight for LGBT rights as an extension of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s.

At least five federal agencies are reviewing North Carolina’s so-called anti-LGBT law to see whether it justifies removal of federal funding from the state.

If the administration follows through on its threat to remove federal funding from North Carolina, it would immediately send the state into deficit.

The Department of Education provided $4.3 billion to the state last year.

“We will not hesitate to act if students’ civil rights are being violated,” said Department of Education spokesperson Dorie Nolt.

The state of North Carolina does not seem like it will be willing to bend, even to this financial pressure.

“It would be wrong — even illegal — to single out North Carolina for unfavorable treatment,” said Dan Forest, the Republican Lieutenant Governor. He said the state complied with the Constitution and federal laws. “I’m confident that we will continue to receive this federal money despite the threats from a few in Washington, D.C.”

Republican Governor Pat McCrory said that critics of his state were a part of a nationwide smear campaign.

“Disregarding the facts, other politicians — from the White House to mayors to state capitals and City Council members and even our attorney general — have initiated and promoted conflict to advance their political agenda and tear down our state, even if it means defying the Constitution and their oath of office,” Mr. McCrory said.

See his full video message below.


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