Nevada caucus switches to Bernie Sanders

Nearly a month and a half after the people of the Nevada caucus voted, Bernie Sanders has now been declared the winner.

Hillary Clinton was originally said to have won the Nevada caucus in February at the precinct caucuses, but she lost this past Saturday at the county level caucuses.

How the Nevada caucuses work is that voters elect delegates at the precinct level. Those delegates either promise to pledge their support to either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Based on the precinct elections that took place on Feb. 20, Hillary Clinton won 53 percent to 47.

This past Saturday, those delegates elected at the precinct level caucused again, this time to determine which candidate the county would support.

This time, less of those delegates who were elected Feb. 20 showed up for Hillary, and more showed up for Sanders.

This means that Sanders beat Clinton at the County level 55 percent to 45, and will he will likely win Nevada’s state convention in June and have their support behind him at the Democratic National Convention.

Essentially, Bernie Sanders won Nevada in the end because delegates who pledged to support Clinton, did not show up to be counted on Saturday.

Some Clinton supporters are crying foul and claim that Sanders has stolen Nevada.

However, Sanders can neither prevent or encourage delegates to attend their county convention. If Clinton lost the support of her delegates, ultimately, that is her responsibility.

There does however seem to be real problems with the convention in Nevada. Even Sanders’ camp has cried foul over unfair treatment of delegates.

Additionally, Nevada county convention delegates may have been given false instructions from the elections organizers.

Below is a document allegedly sent to delegates in advance of the county conventions.

Despite the mishaps, what is not in doubt is the strong showing that Sanders had on Saturday in Nevada.

Check out the video below for the crowds reaction in Clark County, where Las Vegas is, when Sanders is declared the winner.


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