Superdelegate Bill Clinton says he will vote for Sanders if he wins

With the New York primary looming, superdelegate Bill Clinton, has stated that he will throw his support behind whichever candidate wins the Empire State on April 19.

Clinton faced calls on Thursday to recuse himself as a superdelegate to avoid a conflict-of-interest.

He pointed to the 2008 Democratic primary where he gave his superdelegate vote to Barack Obama over his wife, Hillary, as evidence of his lack of bias.

“It happened last time,” Bill Clinton told The New York Daily News. “Last time I did what my candidate asked. I voted for Barack Obama.”

Despite Bill Clinton’s pledge to stay impartial and follow the will of the people of New York, some of New York’s 44 superdelegates have said that they will not break ranks with Hillary even if she loses the New York primary.

“Hillary Clinton is Congresswoman Lowey’s friend, colleague and her constituent, and she is behind her 100 percent,” said Elizabeth Stanley, the chief of staff for Westchester County Rep. Nita Lowey.

“I would not under any circumstances switch my allegiance from Secretary Clinton to Senator Sanders,” Queens Congressman Gregory Meeks said.

Most superdelegates are members of the Democratic Party establishment, and are therefore more likely to support an establishment candidate like Clinton over Sanders.

Sanders has won 15 states, some by large margins of 80-20 percent. Despite this momentum, nearly 500 superdelegates have said they will not listen to the will of the people.

See the full list of superdelegates here.

Clinton currently has 473 superdelegates, Sanders has 32, but there are still 209 superdelegates up for grabs and  some might change their choice at the convention.

Superdelegates, while un-elected, are also a small fraction of the total number of delegates on the table.

There are approximately 4, 770 delegates in total and 2, 383 are needed to win the Democratic nomination.


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