Secret Service to GOP: No guns at RNC convention in Cleveland

In an unsurprising move, the Secret Service has ruled out the hope some GOP convention-goers may have had to carry weapons at the Republican National Convention, scheduled for July 18-21 at the Quicken Loans Area in Cleveland.

“Only authorized law enforcement personnel working in conjunction with the Secret Service for a particular event may carry a firearm inside of the protected site.  Individuals determined to be carrying firearms will not be allowed past a predetermined outer perimeter checkpoint, regardless of whether they possess a ticket to the event,” said Robert Hoback said in a statement.

The announcement from the Secret Service is in concert with a online petition, which called for weapons to be openly carried at the arena.  Quicken Loans Arena rules forbid visitors from bringing firearms into the facility.

The online petition has garnered over 50,000 signatures.

Citing Cleveland’s high crime and excessive violence, the petition’s organizers demanded the following:

  1. Temporary suspension of arena policy.
  2. Condemnation of the “no-gun” policy from the National Rifle Association.
  3. Gov. John Kasich to countermand the “gun-free zone” loophole at Quicken Loans Arena.
  4. An explanation from the Republican National Committee (RNC) for why Cleveland was chosen to host the convention.
  5. GOP candidates to call on the RNC to change the rules.



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