Sanders erases Clinton’s once-overwhelming lead in national polls

Revitalized by five consecutive caucus victories, a NBC News/SurveyMonkey online tracking poll has revealed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders now only trails Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton by six points nationwide.

Conducted March 21-27, Clinton received 49 percent support from respondents to Sanders’ 43 percent .

Polling prior to March 21 disclosed Clinton held a 12-point lead over Sanders, although a Bloomberg poll taken from March 19-22 showed the two in a statistical tie.

Clinton still maintains a nine-point national lead in the RealClear Politics average of the latest six major polls.

Sen. Sanders won impressive victories in caucuses held in Idaho and Utah on March 22, and in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state March 26.

All five states furnished Sanders with over 70 percent of the vote; in Alaska alone, Sanders utterly demolished Clinton, winning 82 percent of The Last Frontier’s voters.

The NBC/SurveyMonkey survey also revealed that Sanders now outperforms Clinton among males by two points, where one week ago Clinton held a six point lead.

Following the April 5 Wisconsin primary, Wyoming will hold caucuses April 9.

On April 19, New York will hold its state primary contest before Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island host the third “super” primary day on April 26.

Although the caucus formula appears to aid Sanders’ string of victories, only five caucuses remain. But, Sanders has outpaced Clinton in fundraising recently and has enough momentum to remain in the race.

Clinton is heavily favored in California and New York and leads in several upcoming primary states in the northeast, including Pennsylvania.


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