Bernie Sanders campaign cash blitz after Western Saturday sweep

After sweeping all three Democratic presidential nomination contests on Saturday, Sen. Bernie Sanders received a $4 million boost in campaign donations over the weekend, making for one of his largest fundraising successes over a two-day period this election season.

The campaign cash blitz comes on the heels of a lucrative February for the Sanders campaign, in which it raised a total of $43.5 million to Hillary Clinton’s $30.1 million.

The caveat in regard to the financing of the two remaining Democratic campaigns is that Sanders receives outside support from virtually no one, while Clinton has at least three large political action committees in her corner — most significantly Priorities USA Action.

As of February 29, Clinton’s campaign has raised $160 million to Sanders’ $140 million. Outside groups advocating for Clinton, however, have raised $62 million.

Sanders largest outside supporter is a “leadership” PAC named Progressive Voters of America, which has only raised $23,000.

One other key difference between the two Democrats’ fundraising sources is how much they receive in large and small contributions. Sen. Sanders has received 67 percent of campaign contributions from those donating $200 or less.

The inverse is true for Clinton who gets 73 percent of her donations from “large” contributors, as exemplified in a story published Monday that the former Secretary will be charging $353,400 a plate at a San Francisco fundraiser with George Clooney in April.

With a must-win primary coming up in Wisconsin on Tuesday, April 5, the Sanders campaign has approximately one-third less cash-on-hand than Clinton’s.

Of the four remaining candidates who still have a mathematical chance at winning their respective parties’ nominations, Donald Trump has raised by far the least amount of money, taking in only $35 million as of the end of February.


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