Sanders campaign to pursue DNC lawsuit

On Thursday, Bernie Sanders’ campaign filed a lawsuit against the Democratic National Convention (DNC) over the suspension of their access to their own data at the end of 2015.

“We’re dealing with the DNC on an issue where we felt that they did not deal straight with us from the beginning, so the reason to keep this in place was to make sure Sen. Sanders is treated fairly in this process,” an anonymous source from the Sanders campaign reportedly told The Hill.

In December of 2015, Josh Uretsky the former data manager for the Sanders campaign hacked into Hillary Clinton’s campaign files without the knowledge of Sanders.

Uretsky claimed at the time that he was merely exposing weaknesses in the DNC’s systems.

“The breach was in no way our fault,” said Uretsky. “I saw it and attempted to investigate and attempted to do it in a transparent manner.”

In response to this, DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz suspended the access of the Sanders campaign to their own data.

In their complaint, the Sanders campaign alleges that the DNC hobbled their campaign.

DNC spokesman Mark Paustenbach expressed a willingness to co-operate and resolve the lawsuit.

“We continue to have productive discussions with the Sanders campaign and look forward to resolving this matter,” he said.

The Sanders campaign asserts that even a temporary suspension of their access to their voter files was a serious blow and are seeking $75,000 in damages for breach of contract in the DNC lawsuit.


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