Foreign sources boost Clinton cash machine

Unlike her rivals for the White House, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has secretly amassed close to $500,000 owing to a series of campaign events held overseas.

Totaling 13 affairs in Munich, Germany; London, England; Durban, South Africa and Mexico City, Mexico, Clinton has hauled in a total of $495,000 in nonnative donations according to federal election records.

Hillary has not appeared at any of the functions, preferring to send campaign representatives and, chiefly her daughter, Chelsea, to appear in her place.

In comparison to Hillary’s overseas’ booty, Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders has accepted approximately $100,000 from foreign donors. GOP opponent Ted Cruz has taken in $23,000; Donald Trump accepted the amount of $1,100; and Ohio’s John Kasich $50.

Former GOP candidate Jeb Bush received $200,000 from foreign donors.

“Obviously with the Clintons they have a lot of experience in doing that. They give lots of speeches overseas, and they run into a lot of people. A lot of that fundraising overseas are relationships they already have,” said Democratic campaign strategist Kenneth Christensen in a phone interview with The Hill.

It appears as if the books, the speeches, the excessive travel, the connections made, the positions of power to enable some underhanded foreign business deals and the Clinton Foundation have paid off for Hillary.


[The Hill] [Photo courtesy]