John Kasich gets shutout on Western Tuesday

Three presidential nominating contests were scheduled for Tuesday when Arizona and Utah selected delegates for both Democratic and Republican candidates, while Idaho held a stand-alone Democratic caucus.

Four out of the five remaining major party candidates won a significant amount of delegates, with the exception being Gov. John Kasich who was shut-out — winning only 10 percent of the popular vote in Arizona and 16.9 percent in Utah.

Both Republican contests were landslides, as Donald Trump won Arizona going away to secure all 58 delegates with 47 percent of the vote to Cruz’s 24.7 percent.

Sen. Cruz won Utah by an even larger margin, taking all 40 of the Beehive State’s delegates.  Kasich finished second with 17 percent.

On the Democratic side, Sen. Sanders and former Secretary Clinton fought to a near-draw in delegate allocation by the end of the night.

Clinton won Arizona by 18 points and gained 46 bound delegates to Sanders 23.

Idaho and Utah were landslides for Sanders, as the Vermont senator took 78 and 80 percent of the vote in each to end the evening with 58 pocketed delegates to Clinton’s 59.

With over half of the states now having voted, here are the delegate totals to-date, according to the Associated Press:


Clinton – 1,214; Sanders – 901

*2,383 needed to win Democratic nomination


Trump – 739; Cruz – 465; Kasich – 143

*1,237 need to win Republican nomination


The next nominating contests will be held Saturday, March 26, when Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state will hold Democratic caucuses.

On Tuesday, April 5, Wisconsin will hold Democratic and Republican presidential primaries.


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