Bernie Sanders wins Idaho and Utah caucuses, begins to close the gap

On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders won Idaho and Utah caucuses, while former Secretary Clinton picked up a victory in the Arizona primary.

Sanders won by landslides, taking both states with nearly 80 percent of the vote thanks to record turnouts.

Before his victory on Tuesday, Sanders appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and said that even he is surprised with the degree his message is resonating with voters.

“I thought the message that we had that there’s something wrong when the middle class in this country is disappearing,” he said. “People are working longer hours for lower wages, we have so much poverty, almost all the new income and wealth is going to the top one percent, I did know that that was a message that would resonate.”

With his victory in the Idaho and Utah caucuses, Senator Sanders closes the gap with Hillary, narrowing her lead to 300 pledged delegates.

“I am enormously grateful to the people of Utah and Idaho for the tremendous voter turnouts that gave us victories with extremely large margins” Sanders said in a statement on his website. “The impressive numbers of young people and working-class people who participated in the process are exactly what the political revolution is all about. These decisive victories in Idaho and Utah give me confidence that we will continue to win major victories in the coming contests.”

In the Republican race, Donald Trump picked up a slim victory in Arizona, while Cruz took Utah.

Both Cruz and Trump have taken shots at each others wives in recent days, Sanders says that a part of his success has come from avoiding mud slinging.

“What I have tried to do in this campaign is focus on the real issues impacting the American people,” Sanders told Kimmel “We have been very careful about not attacking Secretary Clinton in a personal way. Other people do that. We have not.”


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