Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford passes away at age of 46

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford passed away Tuesday at the age of 46 in a Toronto hospital.

Ford was diagnosed with cancer in 2014 when it was discovered he had a large tumor in the fatty tissue of his lower back.

Rob Ford was first elected to Toronto City Council in 2000 as the Councillor for Etobicoke. He became Mayor of Toronto in 2010 on the promise to “stop the gravy train” at city hall.

Before the end of his first term however, he began to draw huge controversy which would both cost him his position as mayor and make him internationally famous.

In May 2013 a cellphone video emerged showing the then Mayor of Toronto smoking crack with alleged gang members.

After months of denial, Ford eventually conceded that the video was genuine and likely happened during one of his famous drinking sprees.

More videos started to emerge of Ford shouting obscenities and being drunk in a KFC while speaking in a Jamaican accent.

Eventually the Toronto City Council stripped him of his budget and the majority of his mayoral powers.

His notoriety did bring him to international attention, particularly in the States where he had a memorable segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

It was during his bid for re-election as Mayor of Toronto that he learned of his cancer diagnosis. His diagnosis caused him to exit the mayoral race to pursue a council seat instead. His brother Doug took his place in the the race for Mayor, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

Rob Ford leaves behind a wife, two children, and many family and friends.


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