Sanders’ campaign: Clinton broke debate rules in Miami

A seemingly innocent image of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton captured by Fox News’ Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry has been declared a violation of debate rules by the Bernie Sanders’ campaign.

Clinton squared off against challenger Senator Bernie Sanders Wednesday evening in a Democratic debate from Miami, FL, hosted by Univision.

The image, tweeted by Henry, catches the former Secretary of State backstage appearing to break from a huddle with campaign aides.

Henry’s caption accompanying the image states Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, insisting the conclave between Clinton and the five aides is a violation of debate rules.

Hillary Clinton’s communications coordinator, Jennifer Palmieri told Fox News’ Ed Henry she “wasn’t aware the photo had been taken.”


Rules? What rules?

Like everything else, Hillary holds explicit regulations regarding debate conduct cheap.

A woman of burning ambition but deficient in commensurate talents or experience, Hillary Clinton is willing to gorge herself on anyone who stands in her path and will never allow a nettlesome rule to foil her missionary quest for the Oval Office.

Driven by the oldest motive of all, revenge, Hillary’s solitary purpose is to wrest support from those who she thinks betrayed her in 2008 and defected to Mr. Obama.

For Hillary, being a frequent visitor to the corridors of power is not sufficient; she covets control over the corridors of power.

Hillary’s aides, consumed by the suffocating atmosphere of her overweening aspiration to become president, sacrifice their own personal and professional probity in her defense: Communications aide Jen Palmieri’s response the campaign was unaware of the image of Clinton flouting the rules bear the likeness of a roll of the eyes and is shorthand for “give us another pass on this one.”

Unlikely to confess anything resembling an admission of wrongdoing on Clinton’s part, Clinton aides and the candidate herself will reflexively attribute any criticism to this latest undisguised infraction as unreasoned hatred against the Democratic front-runner.

Hillary Clinton would not have such a staggering trust deficit among voters if she would halt her practice of providing supporters and critics alike with fodder of this variety.



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