ISIS personnel documents revealed by British news agency

Registration forms containing the personal information of thousands of ISIS jihadist terrorists included in a haul of documents obtained by Sky News were published online Wednesday.

The documentation released tell of roughly 22,000 jihadi terrorists from 51 nations, all of whom completed enrollment forms comprised of a specific set of 23 questions.

Ranging from the common, such as name, blood type and nationality, the questions become more invasive and inquire of recruits’ previous combat experience, level of obedience and profundity of Sharia law.

Questions 16 and 17 specifically explore any role the potential recruit is willing to undertake as an ISIS cadre and requests recruits’ special skills; question 22, by far the most ghoulish, is not so much a question, but rather a designation of the recruit’s date and place of death.


ISIS is always on the lookout for those with progressive ideas or those contemplating a career change.

It is difficult to know which is more revolting: ISIS, whose obligatory cultural activity is amassing a macabre scene of rotting corpses, or the undistinguished, unprincipled individuals who seek to enlist in ISIS’ blood-drenched campaign.

More closely resembling a death certificate than a recruitment document, induction into a veritable military formation often broadcasts discipline, duty, honor, physical fitness, endurance training, skills learned and the cultivation of enduring friendships.

In contrast, this ISIS document epitomizes nothing of the jubilant experiences, parades or values learned in an authentic military force.

Without question, for the mobs ISIS inspires to engage in this dreadful business, their life on earth is now likely counted in terms of weeks, if not mere days.

ISIS could simplify the whole of this dreadful business by leaping straight away to question 22, which specifies a date of death.

A more appropriate question to ask future ISIS recruits would be if the conscript envisions what Hell is going to look like.


[The Independent] [Photo courtesy DailyMail]