Bernie Sanders war chest surpasses $40 million in February

More than doubling his haul in January, Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders collected slightly over $42 million from over 1 million individual donors in February.

The Sanders’ campaign sustains on an average donation of $30.

“Working Americans chipping in a few dollars every week are changing the way campaigns in our country are financed. Not only are we going to smash Secretary Clinton’s personal goal of raising $50 million in the first quarter of 2016, our supporters are putting Bernie on the path to win the nomination,” said Sanders campaign manager, Jeff Weaver.

Sanders’ chief rival, Hillary Clinton, did not release her February fundraising totals.


Sanders’ mastery in capturing the attention and donations of 1.4 million benefactors uncovers an underlying aperture in the Clinton machine: A persistent doubt respecting the sincerity and trustworthiness of Hillary Clinton.

Despite Tuesday evening’s primary returns, in which Clinton won seven states, often decisively, Clinton’s immense and seemingly endless ethical baggage continues to bedevil her. Polls indicate Clinton is neither trustworthy nor sincere in her political messages.

An enduring bitterness prevails within the Clinton camp by virtue of Sanders political stamina: Sanders’ continued presence has caused untold anxiety for Hillary and she has been forced to disburse an immeasurable quantity of her precious war chest to deflect his popularity.

Stripped of a sense of safety in pursuit of what she has forevermore deemed her personal belonging, the nomination, the revelation of a $42 million haul in February, the release of which is a clever tactic of the Sanders campaign, can only serve as a reminder to Clinton the Vermont socialist aims to remain in the race, if for no other reason to pique Hillary.

The Super Tuesday results may have indicated an ebullient character of the Clinton campaign; however, Sanders’ quixotic challenge pulsed with life in Oklahoma, Colorado and Minnesota.

Despite Clinton’s more frequent attacks on Donald Trump, the former Secretary of State would be derelict to ignore Sanders with primaries in California, Oregon and Washington on the horizon.

Providing the campaign cash continues to breeze in, Mr. Sanders will endure in the race and distract Mrs. Clinton’s mission to grab the prize.


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