Trump endorsements unfold as GOP warms to his candidacy

Joining New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who endorsed GOP frontrunner Donald Trump on Friday, former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer officially declared her approval of Donald Trump’s bid for the GOP nomination Saturday.

Brewer’s endorsement of Trump follows the recent backing of Christie, Maine Governor Paul LePage, former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown and former governors Sarah Palin and Jesse Ventura.

House members Duncan Hunter (R-CA) and Chris Collins (R-NY) both announced their endorsements of Trump earlier this week.

“We don’t need a policy wonk as president. We need a leader as president,” Hunter told Politico.

Concomitant with the light spurt of support from elected legislators or former officials is the receding opposition to Trump among the GOP elite: In addition to support from Hunter and Collins, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) related a willingness to work with Trump should he be elected to the presidency in comments made prior to the New York billionaire’s triumph in the Nevada caucuses.

“Folks are now going through the stages of grief; some are already at acceptance,” said one GOP insider assessing the inevitability of a Trump nomination.


Now viewed as inevitable, Mr. Trump is here to stay.

Initially perceived as a sideshow, an unwelcome and extraordinary intrusion into GOP politics with hysterical supporters, many GOP insiders thought Trump would simply abandon his bid; his effort would implode, would be dislodged by the force of establishment candidates or would wither under the weight of the party leadership.

As with newspaper endorsements, affirmation to a political candidate typifies the benefactor’s aspiration for a coveted role in the next administration, often a Cabinet position or department head. It is a fancy few will acknowledge; however, the obviousness of the gesture is manifest in the number of individuals who are either out of office or have few political alternatives.

Given Chris Christie’s dreadfully low approval ratings, a Senate bid is virtually nonexistent. For Jan Brewer, her support can be inextricably linked to her ferocious opposition to immigration as governor of Arizona and Trump’s resistance to Mexican, Central and South American immigration.

Trump will find comfort in the consideration granted him this week.  Numerous other establishment politicians will withhold their support patiently awaiting the inevitable, but a Trump nomination is a reality the GOP must be willing to accept.

The bleak if not miserable alternative is Hillary Clinton.


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