McConnell: GOP will “drop Trump like a hot rock”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell encouraged his fellow Republican Senators to run ads against Donald Trump if they feel the candidate is hurting their chances at re-election.

This month, McConnell has been holding lunches with Republican Senators to talk re-election strategy. McConnell has been giving the impression that Donald Trump will be crushed in the general election and that the party establishment should position themselves as the only hope the conservative movement has to stop a Hillary Clinton presidency.

McConnell has assured his senators that if Donald Trump becomes the party’s nominee, that the GOP will “drop Trump like a hot rock”.

At a luncheon for Republican Governors held in Washington Feb. 19, Republican strategist Karl Rove said that it was not too late to stop Trump and avert disaster.

Separately, GOP political strategist Roger Stone alleged in an InfoWars interview that the Koch Brothers were behind a backroom scheme to unseat Trump.

According to Stone, the Koch Brothers and other GOP financiers have pledged $75 million to drop Trump.

Furthermore, Stone asserts that if Rubio fails to do well on Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney will be brought in as an eleventh hour candidate.

“$75 million to stop Trump and $25 million to Marco Rubio, but they gave Rubio a condition: he’s got to win the Florida primary or he’s out and Mitt Romney’s in,” Stone revealed. “That’s the plan.”

It should be noted that no other source has verified Stone’s allegations as of yet. If true it demonstrates an interesting mindset into how conservative money is reacting to Trump.

What is known for sure is that Marco Rubio has taken Koch operatives into his campaign this past week.

POLITICO reported on Tuesday that Marc Short, the Koch’s top operative in Washington was brought on by Rubio as a senior campaign adviser.

“Marc has been running the most sophisticated political operation for the last few cycles, and really knows the mood of the electorate,” said Scott Reed, senior political strategist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “This is a big sign of consolidation by the party.”


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