The Hill Talk endorses Marco Rubio for the Republican nomination

After eight years of feckless, estranged and often puerile leadership, the Republican Party is confronted with a unique opening to abandon a vow to fundamentally transform America eight years ago, which has left the nation economically static, deeply polarized internally and weakened abroad.

If Republicans hope to reclaim the White House and unravel the damage done, a special kind of successor is required. The conviction with which a president approaches the tasks of governing is exceptionally critical and can make a substantive difference in shaping both individuals and events. This is particularly true in consideration of the political dislocation which dominates Washington, D.C., in 2016.

The Hill Talk editorial staff endorses Marco Rubio as he is the only Republican candidate with the capacity to influence necessary change and is a competent and qualified alternative to his Republican rivals and Democratic opponents.

Nothing immodest about him, Rubio, unlike Senator Ted Cruz, the ideologue, or Donald Trump, who frequently illustrates a vainglorious style and lacks the temperament for the White House, grips sincerity and an equal measure of wisdom in his policy positions.

Striving for the truth and presenting a compelling and intellectually serious agenda, one which behaves favorably toward wage stagnation, the loss of blue-collar jobs, rising poverty, the marauding arms of government regulation, burgeoning health-care cost and college tuition, consequential revamping of the tax code, education, energy, the decay of culture, our immigration system and the bloated national debt, Senator Rubio offers ideas which resonate outside of politics.

His passionate command of the issues and his reliable and often coherent positions are not limited to domestic policy. Senator Rubio purveys a compelling foreign policy with a practical solution to defeat terror and ISIS, confront threshold nuclear states in Iran and North Korea, re-engage with vital allies such as Israel, thwart an unfolding military power in China and safeguard against any other kind of threat to our freedom at home and overseas.

In each of his policy positions, Mr. Rubio reveals a personal authenticity, philosophical breadth and political intelligence which expose his praiseworthy qualities of governing vision, insight and leadership.

Beyond rhetoric and promises and deepening his attractiveness, polls consistently demonstrate high favorability among voters for the Florida senator. Unlike a majority of his peers in the GOP field, Rubio’s appeal transcends politics: Gallup polls disclose Rubio is consistently among the highest favored of the GOP field, trailing only Dr. Ben Carson, and Rubio draws significantly among Latino voters, particularly those of Cuban heritage.

Minorities notwithstanding, Rubio has demonstrated the ability to galvanize the evangelical vote, a vital bloc of voters who carve a path to the White House.

A legitimate and thoughtful voice with uncommon perception and judgement, Rubio has distinguished himself as a campaigner who eschews oratory which tends to coarsen the political or cultural landscape; he is unlike his closest GOP challengers in appealing to a wide range of the electorate with a reliable political calendar and lacks the ethical baggage which accompanies Hillary Clinton; and has proposed a return to conservative governance.

Concerned with the common welfare of all Americans without being too reflexively anti-government, Rubio has verified an eagerness to offer a governing agenda which will aid Americans to improve their lives in a practical way and restore the GOP to its position as a party of ideas.


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