GOP donors scramble to find independent alternative to Trump

With the emergence of a political nihilist leading the Republican field for the presidential nomination, a group of concerned right-wing donors have contacted a GOP consulting firm in Gainesville, FL, to detail “the possibility of a true independent [candidate] run for President.”

The response memo from Data Targeting, obtained by Politico and dated Feb. 26, lays out four main challenges that an independent candidate must endure in order to be considered making a serious run for the White House.

First, the consulting firm suggests using the obtainment of ballot access in Texas and North Carolina as a litmus test for the candidate. The aforementioned states have the most arduous requirements for an independent candidate’s name to be placed on a presidential ticket.  The Lone Star State, for example, requires an unaffiliated presidential aspirant to gather 79,900 signatures by May 9 from eligible voters who did not participate in either the Democratic or Republican state primaries.

The memo states that, “with 38 electoral votes in play in Texas and North Carolina’s true swing state status, failing to qualify in either or both states would render any independent candidate non-viable.”

Secondly, the response letter says any independent candidate must be “immediately viable, widely known and ideologically compatible with the disenchanted electorate;” organize adequate funding; and run a “lean and mean operation” that moves fast.

If a candidate can satisfy these four requirements, Data Targeting says, then they are “worthy of serious attention in the eyes of the media and the American people as a whole.”

The fun will start when names actually start to get thrown around, which must happen soon if an independent run has any chance of being successful. Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has already admitted he is considering a bid, but no other serious names have been rumored.

With time running out, the big-time politicians offended by Donald Trump and ambivalent about Hillary Clinton better come forward soon to save the country from a disastrous four years of White House leadership.


[Politico] [Photo courtesy Getty Images]