Clinton to Obama:  Nominate “true progressive” to Supreme Court

While campaigning in South Carolina on Thursday, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton requested President Obama nominate a “true progressive” to fill the open seat on the Supreme Court vacated by Justice Antonin Scalia.

Referencing Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, who was briefly mentioned as a possible nominee to replace Scalia, Clinton told supporters:

“There has been some talk that maybe the president will nominate the Republican governor of Nevada. Now, I love Nevada, especially after last weekend.  I know the governor has done some good things, but I sure hope the president chooses a true progressive who will stand up for the values and the interests of the people of this country who understand that you need to protect the right to vote of a person, not the right of a corporation to buy an election, who will understand that we still need the Voting Rights Act to be enforced.”

Sandoval withdrew his name from consideration on February 25.


This is vintage Hillary Clinton and a veritable example of her artless duplicity.

Although the White House’s stunt to disclose one name for the High Court was immediately realized as a blatant Obama divide-and-conquer maneuver to splinter the GOP-controlled Senate, Clinton immediately mobilized to craftily maintain a progressive stance.

While Sandoval would have been the safest pick for Mr. Obama to make, he is the most liberal GOP governor of the 29 currently holding office; he is pro-choice, raised taxes in Nevada and supports Obamacare.

Mrs. Clinton’s ambition was to feed a morsel to the Democratic Party’s progressive base.

Reluctantly dragged to the left by Sanders’ frequent provocations questioning her progressive bona fides, Clinton reflexively tilted to the prevalent political wind to silence skepticism.

Locked in a nomination fight until Senator Sanders ends his bid or is defeated at the convention, Clinton will endure with a mélange of political drivel, all of which will continue to be contravened by past positions or statements, obvious fakery, political posturing, common sense, facts or other hard evidence.

While Mrs. Clinton continues to traffic her so-called progressive credentials to a gullible audience, if released, her Wall Street speeches may unearth her selfhood.


[The Hill] [Photo courtesy]