Bernie Sanders fans are now “feelin’ the love”

Are you “feelin’ the Bern” but have no lover to come home to at night? You’re in luck — is now live — a dating site which caters to “Bernie for President” supporters.

The niche social network has appealed to such a large demographic that it crashed on Wednesday when the site received over 1,000 hits within an hour’s time.

On Facebook, a related group called “Bernie Sanders Dank Meme Singles” has just under 10,000 members.

Here’s a taste of what you’re going up against if you join a Bernie Sanders dating network:

“I’m Kiersten from Michigan and all of my friends are sick of my political and veganism rants. If you want to talk about social justice, animal welfare or hockey, I’m your girl.”

Another read, “I like Wes Anderson, cheese and Bernie. The dudes in this group, half of y’all are neckbeards, I’m more attracted to the girls.” is not owned by Sanders or his campaign, but “founded in 2016 by a group of *dank* individuals who just want the fire to Bern is everyone’s heart!”

As of publication time, the site has a total of 4,800 members.


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