Salon kicks Hillary to the curb, embraces Bernie as Dem Party hero

Ranging from campaign disorganization, an ongoing FBI inquiry into her irregular homebrew server, polls which reveal a staggering trust deficit among a growing percentage of Democrats, questions regarding constant position shifting and unremitting political volte-faces, Hillary Clinton is a hindrance to the Democrats and cannot win the White House in November.

Ordinarily, one would presume such a scathing critique would originate from conservatives or elected Republicans, all of whom would rejoice with a final, humiliating end of the Clinton’s shadow over Washington and the national political landscape, but these bitter and embittering characterizations of the Democratic frontrunner appeared in Salon, a publication which embraces liberal politics.

According to Salon’s H.A. Goodman, who declares Bernie Sanders the only Democrat capable of vanquishing a GOP challenger for the Oval Office, the Democratic Party would be better served if Hillary were to lose the nomination or depart from the race prior to the convention.

In agonizing detail, Goodman proceeds to demolish the lore of Clinton’s invincibility through polling data, which reveals Clinton is now trailing Sanders nationally, and former colleagues of Clinton, one of whom has expressed grave reservations over her persistence in the race and has suggested she end her campaign.

It is not, however, the blinding problem of Clinton’s ghastly ethical lapses or scarcity of rectitude Goodman tends to favor in his searing disapproval of the former Secretary of State:  A subtle emphasis on Sanders’ high marks in honesty, trustworthiness, concern for the needs of voters and sharing their values illustrated in nationwide surveys propels Goodman’s appraisal of the test confronting Democrats.

In his lucid assessment of Clinton and her campaign, Goodman arranges an abundance of evidence and presents a strong case against Clinton; however, it is unlikely she will either yield to the words of critics or modify her behavior.


This does not help Hillary, but it may not injure her either.

Just as the National Review’s rebuke of Donald Trump achieved little than to elicit another one of the GOP frontrunner’s masterful reprimands, Goodman’s piece, unerring as it is, is unlikely to chip away at her support among establishment Democrats or with her loyal base.

Since Clinton is such a polarizing figure, no word uttered or printed about her, regardless of the source or the sincerity, will affect her.


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  1. Lonnie

    (Paragraphs where not allowed sorry) Hillary and Bill both changed with the advent of
    easy money!!! They both got the Greed and
    entered the 1% quietly, they may even be hiding
    some money off shore and are truly not
    Millionaires, they may be Billionaires in recluse…

    I was for Hillary before Bernie entered the race
    and have been a life long Democrat that in the
    past few years have researched Politics and
    Movements… There have been on the most part
    in this world three ways to a successful form of
    Governments and Capitalism has always been in
    the fore front…

    But, because of the inherent Greed of a few,
    revolts and revolutions has lead to a steady
    course of moving Mature Nations into more
    Stable Economies thru out the world… That’s the
    way I look at Governments, they are supposed to
    support the type of Economy that is the life spring
    of the people…

    Economies are systems of Ownership!!! Like
    Capitalism is a Economic System whereby all
    Ownership is controlled Privately… We have
    lived thru the years of the little and big
    Recessions and Depressions caused by the
    Greed of our 1%… It has lead us to this day
    where all we talk about is building Fences, Walls
    and Dooms Day Prepping!!!

    Yet we are flying head strong into Fascism…
    Supporting a Monopolistic system controlled by
    an Industrialized Military Complex and a War
    Machine!!! It started with the War on Labor…

    Communism is a economy thru which
    Ownership always belongs to the Public (For a
    means of production)… With the State and
    sometimes the Church (Who long ago where
    found Corrupt) holding Ownership for their “We
    The People”… Rather than fighting for
    Democracy, we have fought against

    Socialism is the in-between… that happy place
    for the Capitalist and Communists where you can
    have private prosperity without public poverty!!!
    Right now even “We The People” are Owned with
    even our very thoughts subject to ownership thru
    a Privatized Patenting Process called
    “Intellectual Property”, then used to subvert
    Humanity for the profit used in political
    Campaigns like today!!!

    1. Jacqueline Knowlton

      Lonnie you are on point! I think  Hillary is an undercover republican…she probably is in the top %1 . She definitely has her on agenda & it’s not for the people. I actually voted for her in 08 but not now! What a hot mess we are in! 

    2. Sheila

      You are right when you say they became 1%ers and they probably are hiding money offshore…..their Clinton foundation is a ruse…..absolutely disgusting. Hillary negotiated the sales of military weapons, including biological and chemical, to various countries for a $100,000 + donation to their foundation. She used her ability as SS to allow bill to give speeches without scrutiny as to what he was saying or how it could be taken for massive amounts of money. There were supposed to be guidelines that they followed…she didn’t do that for Bill. These people are tacky corporate psychopaths. Hillary has no accomplishments of her own. She has done nothing except make things worse as SS. She is a pathological liar.

    1. Mervin Sonnier

      The Clinton Cartel now owns the DNC. I advise any right thinking party registrant (by that I don’t mean coservatives) not to register with the DNC. Register as an Independent. The DNC must, must get the message that we don’t approve of pay to play politics.

    2. Dwan

      Hillary is a Democrat and Bernie is and has always been an Independent. SOOO…you are wrong!

      1. James

        Now THIS is disturbing. When people look at the letter next to someone’s name, instead of their character and their actions, that is scary! We could put this another way….Bernie is a true Liberal and Hillary is a Conservative.

  2. Chrystal

    Democratic party bosses: please do the right thing and make Clinton and her bed and nominate bring Sanders as a democratic pic for the nomination. Our country is at stake Democratic Party bosses colon please do the right thing and make Clinton and her bed and nominate bring Sanders as a democratic pick for the nomination. Our country is at Steak and Hillary will be defeated by Donald Trump. Please don’t do this to our country.

  3. Frank

    If Bernie does not win the primaries….I still will not vote republican, but, I may not vote.

    1. Bettyjean

      Frank, Please, don’t not vote. Either write-in Bernie or vote Green Party. Your voice and your vote are important.

      1. Brandon

        And there is so much more to success than just electing a President.
        Many other political contests need your vote as well.

        I may have to write-in Bernie on the general ballot, but I will certainly be voting!

      2. Shanti

        Yes!! Write in” bernie ‘ if it comes to that! Hes gonna get the nomination !! More people are seeing the truth about hrc’s dishonesty and lack of Integrity!! everthing she is for, is not good! Monsanto, TPP, private prisons, expensive mandatory health care,(BIG Pharm)  unfair min wage, wall street & Corporate America…..   NO future for ourgrandkids with Hillary 🙁

    2. Erica

      Please do not withhold your vote. It is far too dangerous, given what is on the Republican side. We would end up in much worse shape than when we had the infamous W.

    3. ivonne

      You can always write in Bernie Sanders name or vote for Jill Stein. And vote for whatever democrats are up for office. Not voting is not the answer. We will make a bigger statement by writing in Bernies name than by not voting.

  4. Florence Ferguson

    This is so great. I read HA every day. He really does his homework! 
    He’ll be on all the cable news by June 2016—because he does his homework!!!!!

  5. liz

    First, I am sick of these talking heads claiming Clinton WON in Iowa and NV…its simply not true. We know that in Iowa and NV the caucus’s were in chaos. Votes not counted, People voting not having registered, etc. The fact that Bernie won NH by so many points is not because NH is next to VT. Why did Iowa and NV not show the ENTRANCE polling…cuz more people showed up supporting Bernie than Hilary. Hilary was losing until “influence peddler” Harry Reid called the Culinary union boss and told him “to get 700 people out to vote while they were still on the casino clock”….if that hadn’t happened Bernie would have tied or won. Second, Reuters, Nate Silver and many other polling companies who have respect even from the talking heads….have Bernie not only winning against Hilary, but beating Trump 8 points. Until these talking heads start telling the truth, we pay not attention to them. Glad to see Salon switching to the winner, now how will Joan Walsh continue appearing on Hardball with Matthews a hardcore Clinton supporter, who has bashed Bernie like a dog…her and his integrity is at stake.

  6. Fritzie Gaccione

    I agree! Thanks so much…it gives heart to the ongoing slog of pro-Hillary spin from mainstream media as we battle for Bernie’s victory….

  7. Vincenzo L.

    To anyone such as myself, former holder of a security clearance, Hillary is symbolic of failure of equal justice under law, and if the US doesn’t sustain that Constitutional equality, let’s just forget about our republic. I scrupulously followed regulations in my handling of classified material, knowing that a screw-up likely meant my job, with prison time always a possibility. And the #1 rule is this: Never intermingle classified with unclassified. Mrs. Clinton crushed that regulation by apparently (from all reports) storing classified on an unsecured server meant only for unclassified. If these reports are true, where’s the indictment? Whether or not it comes, we are virtually assured that if she wins the nomination, Trump will skewer her with this.

    1. BAAC

      Absolutely spot on. The only reason her campaign is still sucking air is because she is who she is. Few others could have survived even the accusations of that… er, particular misstep. (I’m choosing to be polite.) At the very least, it clearly demonstrates some terrible, terrible judgement.

  8. Frank

    Bernie has the following of the country as a whole. We want an honest change. You can count on Bernie to be that POTUS. Hillary sadly appears to feel entitled. She represents the same old Washington as usual. 

  9. Star Womanspirit

    Hat will affect her is losing in a landslide to Trump….and this will happen should she end up getting the SUPERDELEGATES to support her instead of the obvious people’s choice.  The people will not follow her and besides liberal independents choosing to write in Bernie or go with a third party the conservative INdependents and Republicans who support Bernie will NEVER support Hillary. The independents have been clear in telling the Dem establishment in no uncertain terms there is no second choice in the Dem party…only Bernie.  #bernieorbust #bernie2016 #NotMeUs #RELEASETHETRANSCRIPTS

  10. Peggy James

    Senator Sanders has all the qualities of a true leader!  Bernie is fair, kind, honest, humble, intelligent, experienced, and passionate about helping our youth reach success, thus building a stronger and brighter USA for future generations. 

  11. Tom Swirly

    Hillary is unelectable.  She’s detested by the left and the right equally – only a few Democratic party bosses really like her.

    What has she accomplished?  Why is her platform just the two things – “I am not a Republican” and “I am a woman”?

  12. Monna Phillips

    Bernie Sanders is the ONLY honest candidate we have running in either party. If Hillary wins the Democratic nomination it will be because of the immoral super pacs and super delegates.. I cannot in good faith, vote for someone like like Hillary Clinton. Bernie is the only hope we have for our country to turn around!

  13. Jeri DiCostanzo

    Unfortunately, Hilary has resorted to attacking Sanders.  This has been a grave mistake for her as I, like many Sanders supporters , would have voted for Hilary if Sanders was not the nominee.  Sanders, in comparison  has proven to be such a gentlemen it has made her look terribly ugly.  Now I will write in Sanders.

  14. danielll

    Bad Decisions after Bad Decisions.. Qualified indeed
    HILLARY’s SENATE RECORD & Other Facts:

    (allows millions of $ from corporate
    interest to pour into the political process 
    to fund campaigns by SuperPACs…
    aka “the legal bribing system”)

    (advocated for big cuts to the 
    federal aid for needy families & the 
    homeless to reduce gov. spending.
    bigger military spending was more 
    important then citizens)

    DOMA ……………………………………….VOTED FOR IT 
    (Defense Of Marriage Act, prevented 
    equal rights for alternative marriage)

    (hillary advocated for the ‘Crime 
    Control & Law Enf. Act of ’94 amping
    up Reagan’s War Against Drugs by 
    comparing black teens as super 
    predators needing to be brought to heel.
    till this day hillary’s against lighter sentencing
    for non-violent offenders like marijuana 
    users, hillary’s Prison lobby donors need 
    people in prison (meat for the grinder)


    (will result in emanate domain, 
    taking lands from citizens so Oil 
    Companies can profit, hillary flip 
    flopped recently on this issue for 
    political convenience)

    (to avoid another “too big to fail”
    fallout scenario like in ’08 Crash.
    millions of lost jobs, lost homes,
    401K’s, Billions lost in tax-payer $.
    hillary says trust ‘Todd Frank Act’ 
    to police Big Banks into doing the 
    right thing on Wall St….basically 
    saying if they crash it again there’ll 
    be penalties……..Really?NO!)

    (lost U.S jobs / companies 
    profited on cheep labor by 
    out sourcing american jobs)

    UNIONS…………………………………….. AGAINST IT
    (while on the Walmart board of 
    directors, hillary didn’t support
    her employees efforts to unionize
    to fight for livable wages & equal 
    wages for women co-workers)

    (made it harder to fix & get good 
    credit, big banks & credit card 
    companies rake in record profits 
    by keeping customers in the ‘Red’)

    (regulation passed by FDR to 
    prevent another great depression, 
    deregulated by the Clintons in ’99.
    would have prevented the ’08 Wall 
    St.Crash.. today hillary defends big
    banks by claiming there’s no need 
    for glass steagall because ‘Todd 
    Frank Act’ will police the big banks 
    into doing the right thing…”Trust the 
    Banks Again!?” ..don’t think so)

    (cost the tax payers 1.7trillion, 
    destabilized the middle east,
    leading to ISIS today.. 700,000 
    esti. arabs dead, 4500 alley u.s. 
    soldiers dead, countless more 
    dismembered or suffering from
    postpartum war symptoms, 
    Corporations like halliburton 
    make $Billions off Iraq War)

    (the taking over of gov. funded 
    Genetically Modified Organisms in the 
    farming sector, pushing out family 
    farmers, the non labeling of GMO’s 
    in packaged foods in stores)

    (Hillary was a “Goldwater Girl” 
    worked for the Barry Goldwater 
    campaign which was anti-new deal, 
    anti-welfare, anti-unions,anti-gay rights, 
    anti-abortion, Goldwater voted against 
    The Civil Rights Act of ’64)

    ^google it/ yahoo it/ wikapidia it/ youtube it
    do the homework…. just cause someone’s 
    been in the political eye for decades clouding 
    your minds…. doesn’t mean it qualifies them to 
    be the best choice

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