Family affair: Sanders’ brother denounces Bill Clinton

Although it can be accurately described as bad politics, Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders has distinguished himself throughout his quixotic bid for the White House as a political crusader who loathes the seamy side of political combat.

To Mr. Sanders, gutter politics is bad politics.

Whilst Bernie often politely declines to counter Hillary Clinton’s mudslinging in her preferred variety, Green Party spokesman for England and Wales, Larry Sanders, Bernie Sanders’ brother, has unleashed a scathing conviction of former president Bill Clinton.

In blunt and unsparing words, and mentioning his certainty both Clintons were directing Georgia’s John Lewis’ disputing Sanders’ commitment to civil rights, Larry Sanders referred to Bill Clinton an “awful” president and followed with:

“Is Bill really such a terrible rapist or is he a nice rapist? Bill Clinton has leapt in to try and make it personal with Bernard. He was a dreadful president—in general—for poor people. Clinton was far more culpable for America’s woes than is generally accepted by people who blame George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush.”

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Sen. Sanders said he disagreed with his brother’s characterization of Clinton. “He speaks for himself, not for me or my campaign,” Sanders clarified.


Bernie and Larry may have originated from the same gene pool, but their tastes differ widely.

Enraged Bernie Sanders presented a formidable challenge to what Hillary has both long coveted and considers hers, the Democratic nomination, Bill entered the ruckus laboring under the misapprehension his stealth sabotage would remain unnoticed.

In this political epoch, a deeply polarized one, the Clintons have never equivocated to eviscerate those who stand in their way, often using proxies to eradicate opponents with vile slanders, half-truths and vengeful innuendo.

Unfortunately for Bill Clinton, Larry Sanders would not allow Bernie to be condemned without being heard.

Unwilling to remain passive as the Clintons hurled mockery and abuse at his brother, in colorful and crude terms Larry Sanders articulated what many Americans think of the former president, his personal behavior and his unsavory political tactics. In public, Bill Clinton is perceived as involved in a perpetual charm offensive; in private, he is often mired deep in political and personal feculence.

The Clintons have been warned: The next time unprincipled Bill Clinton sticks his head out of the sewer to broadside principled Bernie, Larry has his back.


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