Clinton machine intensifies attacks on Bernie Sanders

In acknowledging the growing threat Sen. Bernie Sanders constitutes to her campaign, Hillary Clinton’s allies are reported to have resorted to maligning the Vermont socialist as a communist sympathizer who rejects capitalism and having more in common with feral communist leaders like V.I. Lenin, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro.

According to a case history of Sanders’ political activity gathered by Clinton political operatives leaked to The Guardian, the documentation outlines Sanders’ alleged attachment to communism.

Preferring to remain anonymous, the source of the report delivered to The Guardian insisted on being referred to as only a “Democrat.”

Among other allegations, the documentation suggests Sanders shows compassion for communism and purports ties to Cuban communists.

In recent weeks, Sanders has been assailed by numerous Clinton aides, including turncoat David Brock, head of Clinton super PAC Correct the Record, who questioned the Vermont senator’s health, and daughter Chelsea, who stated Sanders would demolish Obamacare.

Sanders campaign spokesperson Michael Briggs dismissed the allegations as “nonsense.”   


Hillary is “feelin’ the Bern,” but in a substantially burdened way.

Bernie crashed the Clinton’s coronation party and Hillary threw bubbly in his face.

Undoubtedly, this information originated from key Clinton henchmen, was approved for use by Hillary Clinton, and is remarkably consistent with the sleazy gutter politics practiced by the Clintons for over two decades.

Paving the way for these baseless attacks is bitterness over Sanders’ insurgent challenge to the nomination, which Clinton considers herself entitled.  In response, the Clinton attack machine is concocting another malicious but clumsy fusillade of unfounded aspersions to erode Sanders’ credibility with his base.  

Convinced partisanship would be directed exclusively at GOP candidates, and laboring under the delusion Democratic primary candidates are one big happy family, Sanders committed a fatal error in a January debate:  In a rare gesture of unity between competitors seeking the same gilded prize, he attempted to mend Clinton’s self-inflicted server wound with a valiant defense of her in front of a national audience.  Unfortunately for Mr. Sanders, Hillary does not reciprocate with the same angelic kindness in the political or personal realm.

After handing Clinton a victory in the January debate by acting as her attorney in reference to her homebrew server, and expecting a return favor in the form of a clean primary battle, Sanders revealed his tin ear for politics and his naiveté in confronting the Clinton attack machine.  Sanders had considered himself immune to her nasty partisan scrapping.

Clinton is giving fair warning to Sanders that she intends to harness whatever tool she deems necessary to reverse his long-shot bid, even if the resulting melee may not always be an edifying moment or cause injury to her or her campaign.

While the Clinton team is attempting to portray Sanders as a modern-day Angela Davis, Clinton is far closer to Wall Street interests than Sanders is ever a Stalinist front man.  In so doing, we are treated to an invention of Bill Clinton familiar to most political spectators since his rise 1992, “the politics of personal destruction.”

Outfoxed by a tactical genius, Sen. Sanders has forced Hillary to check her centrist impulses, has out-raised her with individual donations and, most important, does not have the mammoth ethical baggage Hillary carries.  Bernie is forcing Hillary to exert herself, something she doesn’t care for.

A continual grouch, Hillary is reduced to base political tactics in order to demolish any obstacle which could possibly threaten her bid to preserve and expand her domain.


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