Hillary would consider Obama for High Court

During a lighter moment at a Deocorah, Iowa, campaign rally, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton welcomed the thought of President Obama seated on the U.S. Supreme Court.

As Mrs. Clinton took questions from supporters assembled at the Hotel Winneshiek ballroom, one enthusiast reminded the former Secretary of State of the chance the next president could be required to fill several vacancies on the Supreme Court.

One member of the audience inquired if the candidate would consider Mr. Obama for any possible vacancy after 2017.

“Wow, what a great idea! No one has ever suggested that to me, I love that, wow! He may have a few other things to do but I tell you that’s a great idea. I would certainly take that under advisement.  I mean he’s brilliant, and he can set forth an argument, and he was a law professor, so he’s got all the credentials,” Clinton said in response.

Without citing any specific sitting justice or case in front of the court, Clinton, implying the Court has veered to the political right, expressed concern and explained the High Court was “heading in the wrong direction.”


There are strong indications justices Scalia, Kennedy, Breyer and the fiercely-partisan Ruth Ginsburg, all of whom are near or have past age 80, may retire.

The obviousness of Hillary’s fakery is risible:  With a counterfeit laugh, and the ubiquitous nod of the head, Clinton responded to the suggestion of Mr. Obama as a justice all the while marveling at the power she will inherit should she gain the Oval Office. One can reliably hypothesize Clinton’s mind careened at light speed resolving which justices are likely to retire and which under-50, radical-left jurist in the queue would survive a vote in the Senate.

The High Court is in no further need of dull-wittedness or depravity:  Given Mr. Obama’s own choices of Sonia Sotomayor and the middling legal talent, Elena Kagan, a justice who has earned a reputation for lowering the prestige of the High Court by cause of her references to cartoon characters in opinions, the court is not in need of another mediocre legal mind.

Post-presidency, the closest Mr. Obama should come to the Supreme Court is organizing a rally in front of the premises.

Dress it up any way you choose, but Mr. Obama is not a Constitutional law professor as his resume boasts and his blind adorers contend.  Mr. Obama is a community organizer from the south side of Chicago.

Tone deaf to public opinion and rejecting counsel from advisers and subordinates on critical issues, Mr. Obama’s modus vivendi as president is executive action.

Mr. Obama is undeserving of a seat on the Supreme Court and insomuch as the High Court does not afford a justice the privilege of ruling as a monarch, as Mr. Obama prefers to do, he would become a victim of his own arrogance if nominated and confirmed.

As his term comes to a merciful end, many, save what remains of his gullible audience, would prefer he return to his roots where his ability to do further damage is curtailed.


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