Clinton library to release White House records on Trump

An official notice from the U.S. National Archives has announced that the Clinton presidential library will release 464 pages of documents related to Donald Trump’s personal and professional dealings with the Clinton White House during the 42nd president’s eight years in office.

Prior to running for the GOP presidential nomination, Trump made contributions to both Mr. and Mrs. Clinton’s campaigns, as well as the Clinton Foundation.

Mr. Trump even invited the former President and First Lady to his wedding in 2005.

According to the notice, dated Jan. 14, the documents will include everything from “birthday notes“, to “references to (Trump’s) campaign for President in 1999“, to “a printed database entry concerning Trump’s invitations to White House events“, and “briefing materials for press events that include media questions about Mr. Trump’s possible run for the presidency in 2000.”

The records were requested for release under the Freedom of Information Act, and are expected to be made public at the Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock on April 11.

The documents, which also include “an agreement between USA and Russia regarding sales of military equipment to Iran”, will be available online at shortly thereafter.


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