Deadly force study reveals different opinion from law enforcement

A recent study on the use of deadly force conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute has revealed 70 percent of white Christians find the deaths of black men at the hands of police to be isolated incidents.  Dissimilarly, 80 percent of black Christians found it represents a compelling problem.

Titled “Anxiety, Nostalgia and Mistrust,” the survey was conducted among 2,695 persons, both white and black, between September and October 2015.

According to the study, 65 percent of whites believe black deaths at the hands of police do not reflect a systemic problem within policing.

Among the startling revelations when broken down along religious lines:  72 percent of white evangelical Protestants, 73 percent of white mainline Protestants and 71 percent of white Catholics believe similarly.

In contrast, the study disclosed 80 percent of blacks believe the deaths of black males in encounters with police illustrate a predicament.

Among further confessions in the survey:  60 percent of Americans find blacks receive equal treatment within the justice system; half believe a black is more likely to be sentenced to death for the same crime if committed by a white person; 82 percent of blacks believe blacks are more likely to be given the death penalty for the same crime committed by a white person; and 45 percent of whites believe blacks are more likely to receive the death penalty for the same crime.


1,204 were killed by police in 2015, according to; the British newspaper, The Guardian, claims 1,138 were killed at the hands of American law enforcement.

Guided by the analysis of a respectable newspaper, The Guardian, 1,138 were killed by law enforcement in 2015.  Of the 1,138 who died at the hands of the police, 302, or 26.54 percent of all police fatalities, were black.  This means 836, or 73.46 percent , of individuals killed by police were not black, an astounding difference shattering conclusions drawn by this study. 

White deaths at the hand of police dominated crime statistics in 2015, accounting for 578, or 50.79 percent of all police fatalities.

The black community constitutes approximately 14.02 percent of the total population of the United States, yet this particular minority class suffered 26.54 percent of all police fatalities, a 12 percent comparison to what constitutes their total populace.

While the slight difference in fatalities for the black community in comparison to the total population of blacks may startle some, overall statistics disprove the narrative advanced by individuals and groups suggesting black men are targeted by law enforcement or law enforcement is more likely to use force against black suspects.

In the absence of these vital facts, the national conversation on race is rendered meaningless, particularly when a more salient issue is the high number of homicides perpetrated against blacks occurs most often by other black men.

If confronted with verifiable facts, it is very likely the outcome of this survey would have been vastly different.


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