Turkish military officials in contact with ISIS

Turkish daily, Cumhuriyet (Republic), is reporting members of the Turkish armed forces have been in phone communication with ISIS terrorists operating in Iraq and Syria.

The report comes from the Ankara Chief Prosecutor’s office which conducted an investigation as part of a probe into six missing Turkish citizens rumored to have left Turkey and joined the ranks of ISIS.

Turkish authorities approved the Chief Prosecutor’s office surveillance of 19 individuals who allegedly orchestrated a rendezvous between ISIS terrorists and the six missing Turks.

When Turkish military personnel were discovered to have participated in phone conversations with ISIS terrorists, Turkey’s Chief Prosecutor’s office turned evidence over to Turkey’s Military Prosecutor’s office earlier this year.

Part of a transcript capturing an alleged conversation read:

(Unidentified ISIS terrorist:) Yes, brother.

(Turkish military official recognized as X2:) We are on the mined land where I delivered the vehicle. We have put our lights on. [We have the] material on us; come here with your men from that side…

Reacting to the published report, Mowaffak al Rubaie, a member of the Iraqi Parliament and former Iraqi national security advisor said:

(There is) mounting evidence from all over the world, including Iraq, that Turkey is playing not a very clean game when it comes to Islamic State.  Turkish authorities need to do a lot more than what they are doing now to come clean from the accusations that they are siding [with], or at least that they are turning a blind eye to, the movement of these terrorists from Turkey to Syria and Iraq and vice versa.”

A rational and unbiased interpretation of Cumhuriyet’s revelations validates Russian claims of collaboration between the Turks and ISIS in the oil trade.

Buttressing the Kremlin’s affirmations, the Norwegian Foreign Ministry tasked independent research and advisory company, Rystad Energy, to compile a survey of global illegal oil sales.  Among Rystad’s conclusions:  ISIS petroleum flowed freely into Turkey where it was sold discounted, frequently as low as $30 a barrel.

The Turkish border with both Syria and Iraq is little more than a pantheon of villainsTurkey has sided with the bandits.


[RT News] [Photo courtesy oilandgaspeople.com]