Hillary Clinton’s “secret weapon” to be unveiled in January

Despite retaining a significant national lead among registered Democrats and superiority over Democratic opponents, Senator Bernie Sanders and former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, Hillary Clinton’s campaign plans to deploy Bill Clinton as a campaign tool in January.

Mr. Clinton is slated to begin to press for Hillary at campaign stops in the vital primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire early next year.

Early primary contests in Iowa have Hillary Clinton leading her nearest challenger, Bernie Sanders, 51%-36%; in New Hampshire, Clinton trails Sanders 49.3% to 43.5%.

“He’s (Bill Clinton) a luminescent figure. That’s always an issue.  It’s important for people to see her out there on her own, said former Obama senior adviser, David Axelrod.”

Democratic pollster Douglas Schoen offered a similar estimate of Bill Clinton’s impact as a campaigner for wife Hillary:

“Her (Hillary Clinton’s) greatest fear is she loses both.  Then, even though she is still on a path to win the nomination, there would be complete chaos.  It’s not a path of action that I think will necessarily help Donald Trump, nor do I think it will hurt Hillary Clinton.”


This is no startling decision:  It is entirely understandable given Hillary’s envious eye on the Oval Office.

Bill may help Hillary, but his presence will be a windfall for the GOP.

Remaining popular with many Democrats, the logorrheic Bill can emerge as both an asset to her drive for the White House or a potential encumbrance.  A critical element of the Democrats’ drive to maintain the presidency is to mark all GOP candidates as misogynistic and flay GOP policies associated with women.

Given Bill’s past, this could rebound as Bill’s presence on the campaign trail will leave him vulnerable to questions about his indiscretions or other matters, particularly the Clintons’ questionable ethics and public doubts about the legitimacy of the Clinton Foundation.  

While it is likely Bill has been resurrected from obscurity to aid Hillary in Iowa and New Hampshire, he is likely to retreat after the conclusion of the early stage primaries and accept an eminence grise role.

Despite his equivocal past, Bill endures as favorable in Hillary’s circles; he thrives in political crowds; he has a passion for retail politics; he maintains a unique ability to arouse lethargic groups; and, most importantly, he craves publicity.

Bill is no amateur:  His rise in national politics was aided by a nasty partisan attack machine; this will, nonetheless, boost his effectiveness in combating a brawler like Donald Trump while promoting his wife.


[Wall Street Journal] [Photo courtesy echobrown.com]


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