Iran preparing to deliver enriched uranium to Russia

To meet conditions set by the July Joint Comprehensive Plan of Acton (JCPOA) negotiated by the P5+1 powers and Iran, Tehran announced on Monday it is making arrangements to ship approximately nine tons of its enriched uranium stockpile to Russia.

Under the terms set in July, Iran must reduce its enriched uranium reserves to less than 660 pounds.

“In the next few days around nine tonnes of Iran’s enriched uranium will be exported to Russia, said Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization.

The Russian government has delivered a shipment of “yellowcake” to Iran in exchange for meeting the terms of reducing its enriched uranium.

Yellowcake is unenriched uranium in powder form and is used in the development of uranium fuel for nuclear reactors.

Aiming to complete an important phase of JCPOA ahead of its scheduled February elections, Iran is moving at an accelerated pace in the expectation sanctions levied against Tehran will be lifted by the end of January.

In preparation for the removal of sanctions, the Iranians have already begun to negotiate with the West on a number of economic issues, notably the export of petroleum.

Iran has already concluded an agreement with Russia on the purchase of S-300 missile, a long-range weapon capable of defending Iranian airspace from aircraft, cruise missiles and able to intercept ballistic missiles.


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