Wasserman Schultz restores Sanders’ access to DNC voter list

After a major spat erupted between Bernie Sanders and the party establishment at the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the independent Vermont Senator’s access to the DNC voter list has been restored.

Sanders’ access to the voter list was cut off by DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz after it came to light that four of the Senator’s staffers accessed data belonging to rival Hillary Clinton without Sanders’ knowledge.

“We are extremely pleased that the DNC has reversed its outrageous decision to take Sen. Sanders’ data. The information we provided tonight is essentially the same information we already sent them by email on Thursday,” Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, said in a statement.

Josh Uretsky, the former Data Manager for the Sanders campaign was immediately fired for his role in the scandal. Uretsky defended himself by saying he was merely trying to bring weaknesses in the DNC’s systems to light.

“The breach was in no way our fault,” said Uretsky. “I saw it and attempted to investigate and attempted to do it in a transparent manner.”

After the breach came to light, Wasserman Schultz immediately cut off the Sanders’ campaign’s access to the DNC voter list. Sanders claimed that Wasserman Schultz was being heavy handed and had hobbled his campaign.

Wasserman Schultz is a long time Hillary Clinton supporter.

“They are prohibited from accessing another campaign’s proprietary information, and we have the ability to suspend that campaign’s access to the voter file in order to make sure that we can preserve the integrity of the voter file and ensure that there is confidence in it,” said Wasserman Schultz.

The restoration of the Sander’s campaign’s access to the voter list came just hours before a lawsuit against the DNC from the Sanders’ campaign was set to go to court.

The Sanders’ campaign alleged in the suit that the suspension of their access to the voter list had hobbled their campaign and already resulted in $75, 000 in damages.

“Clearly, they were very concerned about their prospects in court,” Weaver said. “Now what we need to restore confidence in the DNC’s ability to secure data is an independent audit that encompasses the DNC’s record this entire campaign.”

Wasserman Shultz tweeted the following after restoring Sander’s access to the voting list.


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