Anonymous hacktivists launch social media blitz against ISIS

As part of their ongoing anti-ISIS campaign, Internet hacktivists, Anonymous, launched “Trolling Day,” an online crusade to deride the Islamic jihadist group.

A departure from their accustomed practices of Internet hijinks, Anonymous dubbed December 11 the day to cast scorn at the unhinged terror group under the hashtags #Daesh, #Daeshbags and #Trollingday.

ISIS is known to despise being references to as “Daesh,” and is reported to have threatened to cut off tongues of those who utter the word.

Aimed at pillorying the group with an endless series of images depicting ISIS goons as cartoonish characters, dressed in women’s clothing, singing folksy peace songs and involved with sex tapes, Anonymous’ intent is to signal “we are not afraid, we will not just hide in our fear, we are the majority and with our strength in numbers we can make a real difference.”  

Since the November terror attack on a Paris nightclub which killed 130 and left scores injured, Anonymous has labored to disrupt ISIS-related activities online, expose ISIS-associated Twitter accounts and disclosed personal information of ISIS members for public consumption.


Proving collegiality with the foes of ISIS with searing sarcasm and subtle malice, Anonymous is demonstrating its usefulness in undermining the terror group.

This exertion by Anonymous is not a search for posterity nor is it an attempt to have their name enshrined in some hallowed hall.  To the contrary, this is a group of proficient mainframe artisans who are more interested than settling scores or seeking revenge but engaged in the task of stopping ISIS brutality.

Far from being identified as an industrious group, ISIS is witnessing the same social media tools turned against them by a group which can be effective in threatening and weakening ISIS’ recruitment.

Few underestimate the dominance of social media tools.  Anonymous’ tactics may sway some to the belief association with ISIS is a liability or ISIS’ dauntless reputation is overstated.

ISIS’ foes are swelling.


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