CNN reporter hit with suspension over tweet

In the aftermath of a House of Representatives’ vote to halt a White House plan to accept Syrian and Iraqi refugees over fears it lacked proper vetting procedures, CNN global affairs correspondent Elise Labott crafted a tweet critical of the GOP bill.

Labott was penalized with a two-week suspension by the cable network giant.

Here is the tweet in its original form:

Labott later delivered a tweet to apologize for “editorializing.”

“Everyone, It was wrong of me to editorialize. My tweet was inappropriate and disrespectful. I sincerely apologize,” she wrote on Twitter.

Ms. Labott was snared while overstepping a boundary.

The CNN reporter made scant attempt to frame her tweet with impartiality and it was no rookie error. Although vague, she did register her disgust and implied the GOP lacked virtue, particularly inhumane, was harsh, pitiless, and without values for supporting the bill.

Thankfully, she spared her audience of strong protestations of innocence.

The fact Ms. Labott did use her professional Twitter account to deliver such an aggrieved message represents how the line between the personal and professional in journalism is exceedingly blurred.

Though she did not mention the GOP or any member specifically, in this deeply polarized era when the ability to intensify personal attacks and disparage political opponents through various outlets and social media is unrivaled, in a journalist or on-air correspondent, it is inexcusable.

While this debacle should not permanently tarnish Ms. Labott’s career, it does perfectly illustrate the temptations of power among journalists, how the Left has infiltrated our cultural institutions, and the Left’s unabashed devotion to and reporting favorably for the Democratic party.

Although there is always that part of us which belongs in the public domain, this glaring example of irresponsible journalism is entirely consistent with how slanted news delivery originated as a guilty pleasure and became accepted practice.

Responsible journalism demands one reject the impulse to manifest emotion or opinion whatsoever.

CNN is to be commended for this suspension.


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